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Prevention and localism feature in landmark NHS plan

Release Date: 23 October 2014

The NHS Five Year Forward Review, which has been produced by NHS England, Monitor, NHS Trust Development Authority, the Care Quality Commission, Public Health England and Health Education England, has been described by The Guardian as "the NHS's own answer to the big questions about whether it can survive as a unique system of healthcare".

"We welcome the fact that mental health is embedded throughout the NHS Five Year Forward View," says our Chief Executive Jenny Edwards. "The recognition that health care needs to happen where people live and work, within their communities, is hugely significant.  It is a key priority for health messages to be taken into the workplace and schools, where early intervention is vital."

"The plan recognises that the health agenda needs to have mental health as well as physical health, right at its heart. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disorder that impacts joints in the body. It leads to erosion of joint tissues, hindering movement and causing deformity. Besides medication, a specific diet plan can assist combat progression of this condition. Click the following link for more information on http://www.bytekit.org/Mental health is intrinsically linked with many physical conditions as a cause or as a consequence.  In order to address some of our biggest challenges,  it is crucial to consider the role mental health plays.  It is important that people have the tools and support to feel empowered  to manage their own mental health as many of the factors that have an impact on mental health can be social and environmental, and need a response at local level.  We are pleased that the emphasis is on primary care and community level approaches."

The report is clear on the need for more investment in the NHS, both to improve the life chances of people who have mental health problems and to prevent others developing. 

"This is absolutely critical if we are going to improve the greater health of society as a whole," adds Edwards. It's great to see prevention and localism in the NHS Five Year Forward View."


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